interacting with drones in the web age

Low Latency Streaming

No matter where you are, IAGO payload allows you to watch your camera’s videos, analyze sensors information and track worldwide position through GPS from everywhere. In real time.

Payload Control

Start recording, zoom on your target, take a picture, move the gimbal. All controls are in your hand. With IAGO it has never been so easy.

Hello, I’m IAGO

IAGO is a cloud platform composed by

  • a lightweight box that bridges a selected customizable peripheral set to the network via 4G-LTE connection
  • a web-based dashboard for data display and peripherals control

IAGO Ecosystem

Today IAGO supports

  • a 3-axis gimbal, IMU and GPS for geotagging
  • a compact camera with 30x optical zoom (SONY)
  • a thermal camera (FLIR)
  • a field camera with wide FOV (ELP)

Do you need a different setup?
Contact us, custom solutions are welcome!

Rescue Missions

When men’s life is in danger time and expertise count. With IAGO the most qualified experts can coordinate multiple missions without need to be on field.

Video Surveillance

Get a real time bird’s-eye view of the field. Monitor your target, search for intruders or just focus details looking for effractions.

Inspection of Civil Infrastructures

Manage fleet of drones inspections from a remote control room. With IAGO a single technical domain expert can manage all your activities, smoothly.

Everything else

IAGO is a new and open concept of interaction with drones that leaves space to you. Imagine the application, IAGO will support you.

Stream videos and still pictures to your web browser.

Display flight data and follow the mission online.

Control and monitor payload’s devices from your desk.

Imagine the application, IAGO will support you.

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